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  Many translators who are engaged in translation work can not find information to improve themselves, especially high-quality translation。 But many of our work reports are very important to the progress of translators。 So what is the help of work reports to the translators of Shanghai Translation Company?


  I. Layout and Characteristics of the Report


  The work report is usually in March of each year, mostly in three parts。 It includes a review of past work, overall requirements and policy orientation for the work in the coming year, and suggestions and arrangements for the work in the coming year。 Normally, the first part only reviews the work of the past year, but if it is about to be replaced, it will review the work of the past five years。


  Work reports are generally published in Chinese and English, and their authority is not comparable to that of other documents。 And it is the most comprehensive text concerning China's affairs, which can be said to be all-inclusive。


  II. Use of work reports


  1。 Standard expression of vocabulary with Chinese characteristics


  In China, a rapidly developing and constantly changing country, every year, there are some new special words, including the one belt, the BRICs and so on。 The translations of these distinctive words often differ from person to person and from person of wisdom to person of wisdom。 For students preparing for the CATTI and MTI exams, they are often at a loss。 In fact, learning through work reports is a very good channel。 Although the translation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not perfect, it is relatively authoritative。


  2. Understanding China's national conditions in an all-round way and making up for the shortcomings of background knowledge


  A lot of translation work and examinations involve a lot of background knowledge of China's development and reform, which is the short board of some translators and students. China's ongoing reform, including supply-side structural reform, consumption upgrading and other new policies, all have a relatively deep economic background. In the process of studying and studying reports, we can fully understand some of the work currently being done in China if we supplement it with report interpretation or data access. This is not only a matter of knowing, but also a matter of knowing, for everyone engaged in other translation work and examinations, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.


  3。 Learning high-quality translation


  Some students have heard that the translation of work reports used to be of too high quality, and sometimes even served as the object of criticism in translation lectures. But this is only a few cases that may have happened in the past few years. In recent years, the quality of English translation of reports has been greatly improved. Especially, the expression of Chinglish is becoming less and less, and foreign readers are more inclined to understand what is going on in China. Therefore, I think this translation is of great learning value. For most of the beginners of translation, if they can achieve the translation level of the report, in fact, they can not pass many examinations.


  How to Use Work Report Correctly


  There are often some misunderstandings in the use of work reports. Some students said, "Before I take the postgraduate entrance examination. I've read the whole report twice, but I still lose points during the exam. What's the matter? In fact, the answer lies in the lack of hands-on translation.


  1. Be sure to translate by hand


  The study of work reports should not only depend on reading, but also be translated by hand. The reason is that only by translating, can we find the difference between our own translation and the original text, even if it is only the use of a definite article, only the unraveling of a list of nouns reflects solid translation skills. These are not solid learning without writing. Therefore, we encourage all the students who study Chinese-English translation to translate work reports, and then make improvements against the translated version. Not only do we envy others for their good translation, but we also need to know why we should translate in this way rather than in that way. A finger made of stone is always more important than a finger made of gold. If you are a graduate student, you should translate from beginning to end, pay attention to the expression of core words, and learn how to take care of the expression habits of the target language.


  2. Making New Words and Errors


  In the process of translation, you will see that there are many words that you have never seen before, and you will also find some idiomatic expressions with Chinese characteristics very wonderful。 One way is to transcribe new words into a new vocabulary book so that they can be memorized regularly in the future without having to go back to the original text。 In addition, there will be many mistakes in the process of translating reports by myself。 I should mark these typical mistakes with red pen and transcribe them in another error book so as not to fall down twice in the same place。 The less short board you have, the more likely you are to succeed。


  3. Efficient Utilization Report


  According to what I told you in the first part, the work report is divided into three parts. The three parts are interlinked and complementary. In fact, the contents involved in the review and the suggestions for future work are highly repetitive, but the third part is more specific. The General requirements and policy orientation of the second part are actually a macro generalization of the third part, so in fact, if the time is short, only the first part will be translated. If you have enough time, do both the second and the third.


  IV。 Other Network Resources for Chinese-English Translation


  In this age of network and information explosion, we can use a lot of online resources, which is an advantage that the older generation of translators do not have in the process of learning。


  I think the first website that is very helpful for Chinese-English translation is the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Chinese website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a section called "Important Speech", where you can see the speeches of leaders and ministers of foreign affairs. On its English web page, you can find a "speech" place. The corresponding English manuscript can be found according to the date. The quality of translated versions published is relatively high, especially for the study of Mandarin translation with Chinese characteristics, which is very helpful.


  In addition, English magazines and newspapers published in China, such as Beijing Weekly, are also good learning resources, which can be used as appropriate.


  In short, very useful information is available around us, but we need to rely on everyone to dig. And once you have the information, you should cherish it more. You can't just look at it. You must practice it. It's better to be versatile, so that we can improve our translation ability in an all-round way.


  Above is the wonderful content of the work report shared by Shanghai Translation Company in translation study. I hope it will be helpful to you all. If you have more information about Shanghai Translation Company, please contact us in time.


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