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  As more and more enterprises need to cooperate with foreign capital, the business of translation companies is expanding. So how to choose translation companies for enterprises? Let's get to know it together.

  1. 看对方客服人员的应对是否专业

  1. See if the other party's customer service personnel should be professional or not.

  很多客户来电咨询,劈头就问:“你们的翻译什么价格” ?这时候唐能翻译的客服人员会坚持用公司内部制定的“ Specifications ”去引导客户先描述翻译需求,再根据需求匹配适合的产品和解决方案。咨询和提案式的客服模式才能有效解决客户的语言问题。

  Many customers call for advice and ask, "What's your translation price?" At this time, Tang Neng's customer service staff will insist on using the company's internal "Specifications" to guide customers to first describe the translation needs, and then match the appropriate products and solutions according to the needs. Consulting and proposing customer service mode can effectively solve the language problems of customers.


  Those translation companies that offer you a price without asking anything on the phone and simplify all translation services into processing of incoming materials will give up. A translation company that can not provide professional solutions according to specific translation needs must not be an excellent translation service provider.

  2。 理性看待各家翻译公司的报价

  2. Rationally Looking at the Quotations of Translation Companies


  We can simply use the translation project as an example to analyze the cost of translation services: first, direct production costs, excellent translators and reviewers are rare。 Nowadays, the whole world is full of people who claim to be good at English, including many TEM-8 majors, but few people can do translation well。 Secondly, project management and operation cost: excellent project management and customer service personnel are also essential for professional translation services。 They can accurately grasp the needs of customers and implement standardized project processes, so they have higher requirements for their language, communication, project control and software use ability。


  In addition, other links of the production process will incur corresponding costs, such as typesetting, document engineering processing, etc。, so professional translation services will have reasonable quotations。 If it is through the translation company Jerry work to reduce the process and get low prices, the ultimate damage is the interests of customers themselves。

  3. 有没有办法省钱?答案是:有!

  3。 Is there any way to save money? The answer is: Yes!


  Translators should provide appropriate solutions according to customers'translation needs and document usage, not the more expensive the better. Some manuscripts are only for the purpose of understanding, so there is no need to use the whole process and high-level translators to serve, and even after communicating with customers, machine translation editing can be used to reasonably reduce costs.


  Secondly, the use of CAT translation memory tools and corpus by translation companies in the project process can help customers reduce costs。 By comparing the documents to be translated with the corpus, the repetitive parts can reduce the workload。 Of course, in order to enable customers to obtain this part of the dividend, translation service providers need to do additional project management work: the project processing needed when importing translation memory tools, the extraction of terms, the typesetting of exported documents, etc。, which will result in a part of the cost。


  Therefore, Tang Neng's style of translation is to offer transparent quotations, menu-based and graded quotations. For high-end translation needs, we insist on using the whole process and high-level translator services, not reducing the price to reduce the process of grabbing customers; but in the process of customer service, we must accurately grasp the customer's translation needs, stand in the customer's perspective, save the cost in a clear place, and use-price ratio is the most appropriate solution. The case serves customers.

  4. 如何看待工期问题

  4。 How to treat the duration of a project


  An interpreter's workload is usually about 2000-3000 original words per day, a proofreader is about 5000-6000 original words per day, as well as project management and project typesetting time. If we want to shorten the construction period, we must increase the number of people. A very important part of Tangneng's Specifications is to weigh the relationship among time limit, price and quality according to the needs of different projects, and to communicate frankly with customers before the project starts.


  Like saving money, saving time can only be achieved by improving the level of project management and rational use of tools. By means of tool de-duplication, corpus sharing and simultaneous translation and auditing on-line translator-multi-person collaborative CAT platform, the construction period can be shortened reasonably on the premise of guaranteeing quality. Delivery capacity and speed of large projects is a key criterion to measure the technical and management level of a translation service provider.

  5. 理性看待翻译公司的网站和测试稿

  5. Rational View of Translators'Websites and Testing Manuscripts


  No matter how fantastic the content of the translation company's website is, as long as you contact their customer service personnel, see how they quote and propose, and look at their test manuscripts, you can have a relatively correct understanding of them. Of course, many translation companies use the best translators when they make test drafts for their performance. The translators who really use them after they get the project are not the same thing at all. They sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head. Watch out!


  Tang Neng's translation practice is to make the service transparent. When quoting and testing manuscripts, it is the real name system of the translator. Later, the real name system is still used in the project practice. If the translator changes, he must also inform the client and remind the client to pay attention to the review and feedback. The purpose is to fix the best translation team for each long-term customer and realize completely reassuring outsourcing.


  This is what the translation company shares with you about how to choose a reasonable translation company. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have more knowledge about translation companies and need to know, please contact us in time.


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