With the continuous development of economic globalization, English, as an international common language, is frequently used in some international conferences, and English translation industry is very popular. So what do we need to know when we are doing English translation in Shanghai Translation Company? Let's get to know it together.


  First, in English translation, we often encounter some unusual strange words and difficult words. Some people will get stuck and do not choose to skip over and continue to listen to the full text. As a result, the comprehension of the whole text will be biased. The result of translation can be imagined. In fact, when we encounter this problem, we can take a note temporarily and then continue to read through. Generally speaking, the meaning of this difficult word can be judged from the context. So when you encounter difficult words, don't get stuck.


  2。 In English translation, many people have the habit of taking notes, which is indeed a good habit, but some people will insist on remembering very carefully, which leads to too late to take notes。 Cumulative results will make the translation full of a sense of patchwork and make people feel different choices。 Therefore, note-taking must master skills, not blindly all of them。 Write down some important concepts, logical relationships and isolated, hard-to-remember contents, such as numbers, professional nouns, etc。


  Third, in English translation, many people will encounter the situation of insufficient vocabulary, so this requires translators to accumulate more vocabulary in peacetime. They can accumulate vocabulary by reading foreign journals and other ways. Moreover, some translators are easy to add to their skills. When translating, they always want to use some beautiful words to modify them. It takes too much time to make sentences read beautifully as a whole, but the unreasonable time arrangement will lead to the difficulty of translation and even the omission of translation. Therefore, in English translation, we must not blindly pursue "elegance".


  The above is what Shanghai Translation Company shares with you today about the things that Shanghai Translation Company needs to know when doing English translation. I hope it will be helpful to you all. If you need to know more about Shanghai Translation Company, please contact us in time.


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